Building Consultancy Market Update Report

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Recruitment uplift a positive sign for UK market recovery

We are witnessing increased levels of optimism and recovery for the building consultancy market over the last few months. Albeit the majority of the market is still in recovery, there have been some stand out sectors which have remained consistently active throughout. The Data Centre, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Social Housing, Mixed Use Development and Industrial sectors have all withstood the tough times.

As companies start returning to the office our clients are seeing more projects landing with successful tenders. We have seen an increase in demand particularly for chartered professionals at the newly chartered to senior level in the London and Home Counties market. Generally, small and medium sized businesses have been the first movers in creating new job vacancies compared to their large corporate competitors.​

The fit out market will see potential project opportunities as companies consider their new office requirements. As companies start to readjust to the new normal, office relocations and office downsizing will be common.

The future looks bright for the building consultancy sector, and we will be working closely with our clients to find talent for their project teams over the coming months and into 2021.

Recruitment Highlights

There are some positive signs with filled roles over the last few months. It has been led by an upward trend of new roles in the building consultancy sector.

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Aligning salaries with candidate experience

We are in a buyers market at the moment. Currently the supply of good quality candidates outstrips the demand for talent. Salaries will start to decrease to combat the steady rise we have seen over recent years for chartered and non chartered professionals within the Building Consultancy market. Some companies are still operating on temporary reductions on salary and others will be looking to use the market as leverage. We have provided clients with strong advice on ensuring they pay people their true worth as we will see a number of moves when the market realigns post Covid.

Salary guide for key roles

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