Facilities Management Market Update Report


Increased demand for strategic and digital talent in FM

Just like most industries, Covid-19 has had a considerable impact on the Facilities Management (FM) sector. At the start of the year, most organisations were expanding their FM teams according to the plans set for 2020, however Covid-19 played a big part in cost-cutting measures and staff redundancies from Q2 onwards.

On a more positive note, facilities management is part of essential services in Singapore and we have seen that most site-based professionals have been able to retain their jobs during these uncertain times. As we approach the end of year, it is realistic to expect that it will be some time before we work in a “Covid-free” environment. Remote working solutions are shaping the future of FM for both employees and employers in terms of maintenance and workspace planning.

Look ahead into 2021, our recent webinar – “Emerging Trends in Workplace and Facilities Management” discussed the influences of Proptech, and it’s key role in the future of workplaces. IoT and Analytics will define how we can optimise workplaces to adapt to the changes in the environment around us. Various forms of automation and integrated workplace management systems (IWMS) will allow for real-time prevention & rectification opportunities. You can watch our webinar recording here –https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gzld0_OInEg&t=103s

There is a real shift in the definition of success of any organisation where new parameters such as employee wellness, productivity metrics, innovation needs, security and workplace safety will be the deciding factors moving forwards.

Market Forecast

The FM sector is seeing an increasing demand in talent across the board in Q4, especially for roles with strategic presence in organisations within the Business Development, Bid Management, Operations Management and Key Account Management areas.

Moving forward, we expect to see a higher influence of digital workplace solutions in play across the Commercial, Corporate and Industrial sectors in Singapore. This, in
congruence with flexible workplace initiatives will drive the growth for a new breed of FM professionals with skillsets aligned to the ever-changing landscape in real estate operations.

FM professionals with Digital Workplace Solutions / Digital Transformation project experience have become more sought after, especially within that mid-senior level range of 5-8 years of experience. Companies are embracing the new norms in workplace management systems and streamlining their operational procedures by employing more digital solutions and efficient techniques.

Recruitment Highlights


In – Demand Talent Driving Competitive Salaries within FM

Salary within the FM space have remained relatively stable during these turbulent times. Employers are still investing in key hires with future planning in mind. Competitive salaries are still achievable in the current climate and we are optimistic about the future of FM heading into 2021.